“Niki is an inspiration. She moves us to believe in our bodies by pushing us to listen to them and know ourselves better. She restores our balance and perspective too. I love my yoga classes.” Philippa Gogarty Director & Co Founder Micro Scooters Ltd

“Niki Perry Power Yoga is the only type of therapy for my back pain that I have done that has truly worked and stretched my muscles, lengthened my spine and neck…and so has unbelievably improved my posture. I used to have pain most days but now I am pain free thanks to Niki Perry Yoga. Add to that the cardio workout, the strengthening of your core and the mindfulness of the practice…the Niki Perry sessions are like nothing else I have experienced. My body and mind crave her lessons when I miss a class. I am addicted!” Emma Schwarz, Founder of The Rare Brand Market 

“I went to Niki’s class this morning and the whole barn was full of people and she was so inspiring. She is super fit and really puts everything into her work – she does deserve to succeed.” Simone Straub

“Life had become more than a little ‘full’ when I discovered NPY. Finding time to breathe in your mid forties can be a struggle and yoga now satisfies so many of the needs I had been avoiding. No one should be suckered by the stereotypical image of yoga, NPY is hard core! It holds your focus, increases drive and determination and provides a challenge. Best of all it clears your mind and brings perspective. Every practice sees your ability change, you lose all fear of pushing yourself further, and at the end the sense of well-being is total. Niki is a truly inspirational leader. When you spend time with her you not only see the embodiment of all that yoga can give you, you absorb her belief that all of life becomes better, and mine most certainly has!” Philip Harvey

“As an ex-fitness professional I’m a great advocate of re-assessing one’s fitness routine regularly – 2 years ago whilst seeking new inspiration to enhance my own efforts for being “fitter at 40″, I met the lovely Niki! I have been amazed by the improvements Niki has made in my stamina, strength and flexibility, not to mention inner calm! Niki is an outstanding Yoga professional. Her energy is infectious, and her kind attentiveness, particularly to beginners, ensures that commitment to regular yoga practice, as a way of life, ensues.” Francesca Pennant

“I am addicted to Niki Perry Yoga! In her classes you will laugh, cry and sometimes eat muffins! You will certainly leave feeling uplifted and inspired. Niki’s stories and humour remind us that we are all simply human. My yoga journey has been a beautiful and enlightening experience that has developed, supported and empowered me in my life and helps me remain calm and happy and strong for my family. Yoga also supported me through Childbirth and even crowned me winner of the annual Knight Cereal box challenge this Christmas, I feel a foot taller! Niki, thank you for sharing the magic.” Georgina Knight

“I found Niki’s class after being told I needed back surgery and injections to two slipped discs. Keen to avoid surgery, I found the lengthening and strengthening of Niki’s sessions alleviating my sciatica and back pain. I did not have surgery and no longer have pain or problems with trapped nerves. Niki’s yoga is challenging and fun, and incredibly beneficial to one’s strength and overall good health, and is great for you whatever your level of fitness or flexibility.” Tom Connolly

“Over many years of back trouble I have tried several forms of excercise to keep my problems at bay. None had worked until I discovered NPY. I am so glad for my yoga! Thank you!”

“After my second baby I felt disconnected from my body. It ached and did not work as well as before. After starting Yoga with Niki my body soon stopped aching and I felt in control once more, both on a physical and emotional level.”

“I started Niki’s yoga classes over a year ago to sort out my back problems. Regular yoga practice with Niki has transformed my back so I can now sit and stand perfectly straight with no aches. The added benefits of Power Yoga have got me back in shape and regained my sense of calm after three kids! I love the morning classes that set me up for the day with a powerful workout and clear the clutter from my mind. Tuesday evening class in the inspirational setting of Southend Barns leave you feeling revitalised physically and mentally.” Harriet Patterson 

“I LOVE YOGA! Thank you Niki for introducing me to a form of excercise which is both physically and mentally fulfilling. I am so glad that I discovered Power Yoga. It changed my life!”

“I always dreamed of being able to do a whole day of heavy gardening without aching the next day. After a year of Power Yoga, this is now a reality, and I could not be more thrilled. Thank you Niki”. Hermione Pattison

“I started NPY yoga 18 months ago not knowing the benefits. I never miss a session now. Old aches and pains are a thing of the past. Love it.” Mark Timberlake

“I have been attending Niki’s Power Yoga regularly now for a couple of years, her classes are absolutely fantastic. When she first mentioned Yoga to me i was skeptical, however Niki’s enthusiasm and passion could not fail to entice me to try it and i can honestly say i have never enjoyed an exercise class more. Her professionalism and motivation are exceptional and when you are faced with her smiley face and encouragement you find yourself getting swept up in the practise and achieving things you never thought would be possible. I could not touch my toes when i started! Her ability to adapt her teaching to encourage anyone, from those just starting, to individuals who have just had babies or even the extreme athletes is incredible and what more motivation do you need than the possibility that you could end up with a body like Niki’s!!! I highly recommend it to anyone.” Jo Norman

“Niki’s classes always challenge me and I love the way that over time I have discovered how much more I can achieve. After a yoga practice I always feel mentally refreshed, revived and ready to face what the day throws at me. I wish I could fit more classes in to the week and when I haven’t been for a week or two I really feel it.” Rebecca Mayhew, Director and Co-Founder Go Ape