Wickedly wonderful watercress soup!

I just love cooking with watercress – it is a fabulous super food bursting with goodness and nutritious benefits. It is also fantastic to eat before doing any exercise as it is full of iron that gives your body more energy and it will help combat any free radicals produced thanks to its high antioxidant powers. The perfect food for yogis!

Here is a delicious watercress soup with brazil nut cream recipe that I found in the fab cook book by Hemsley & Hemsley. As you can see, Roxy absolutely loves this recipe too!

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My Yummy Yogi Pancake Recipe

It is pancake day nearly everyday in my family, we love them!!

As the years have gone by this recipe has evolved and is now so deliciously healthy I want to eat them all day and sometimes do. I am really excited to share this with you as it is such a nutritiously, delicious way to start your day.

If you are just making pancakes for 2/3 people then the quantities below are enough. I always double the mixture and that way my family of 5 can have 2 big pancakes each which completely fills their boots for the day and I tend to have a little left over for a savoury one later for Roxy (me!) 
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Deliciously Ella’s Pea and Mint Soup

I just love Deliciously Ella’s new cookbook – we can’t get enough of all her amazingly healthy and delicious recipes. Last weekend I prepared this simple but scrummy soup for a dinner party and it went down a storm. It is so important to eat healthily this time of year to keep your blood rich and energy levels high and this lovely thick, warming soup is just ideal. 
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A tonic for digestion

I have just discovered a fabulous new tonic – fennel with hot water. It is great for digestion and makes a change from mint tea. Super easy to make and the ultimate digestive tonic, simply chop up some fennel and add it to a mug of hot water to enjoy after eating.

Health benefits of fennel:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Decongestant
  • Antispasmodic

My dream breakfast!

Sunflower bread lightly toasted, crush the avocado on top, layer on smoked salmon with a squeeze of lemon and black pepper, scrambled eggs on top and shiitake mushrooms that I fried in balsamic – delicious!

Load it all up and enjoy with hot water and lemon with some honey.

Niki x

Medicine in a Mug

Go and Grab/Buy these ingredients now! Lemons, Raw Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and some GOOD hot water! Put some of that GOOD hot water in your mug, squeeze the juice of one lemon, mix in 1 tablespoon of RAW honey and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. And that is seriously THE Monster of a Morning Drink. But you probably want to know WHY?! Well, have a read below of this Medicine in a Mug! 
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