24th Jan – Flourish Workshop

There is nothing quite like the words of others to persuade you to try something. Read on if you need convincing, otherwise sign up for the next Flourish Workshop on Thursday 24th January, 10.30-2.30pm by emailing zoe@nikiperryyoga.com, places are strictly limited

If you came to our first workshop and would like to learn more about managing your mindset then message niki@nikiperryyoga.com and samantha.axtell@mac.com because we’d like to create a regular space to help us manage our mindsets and are keen to gauge the level of interest.

This is what people who came along to the first ever Flourish Workshop had to say about their experience:

“Thank you for such an informative yet relaxed workshop”

“I have come away feeling I am right on track with some amazing new tools to use to help me on my journey”

“If you ever have a chance to go to one of Niki, Sam and Toni’s workshops then you absolutely must”

“Thank you for today, everyone’s company was so special to me and has helped me to flourish and grow”

“You girls rock and the Cowshed is such an amazing place, full of great energy and been buzzing all afternoon”

“It was brilliant and I am coming again next time”

“The timing was amazing and the content just spot on”

“You have given me lots to think about (and read) and I think that just maybe some of the techniques will help me through these tricky few months”

“I got SO much out of it”

“I’ve heard many such talks – none so erudite, accessible and honest”

“Just wanted to say thank you again for today. Really brilliant. So much to think about and to put into my daily life”

“Such a brilliantly thought provoking and thoughtful workshop in the ever-inspiring Cowshed”