DETOX Power Yoga Nutrition Morning – 9th January

This Saturday’s power yoga practice and nutrition talk will transform your 2016 from good to GREAT! It will be held at Southend Barns starting at 9am and wrapping up before midday. I will be teaching a 90 minute practice where we will create real New Year’s Resolutions that won’t fizzle out by the end of January. This powerful practice mixed with the deep emotional driver that keeps you focused on what you truly want will be like rocket fuel that will literally propel you forward into 2016. 

Following the practice we will be joined by Lorna Driver-Davies BA (Hons) HD, DHNP, mNNA, CNHC Director and Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist and Technical Assistant from Wild Nutrition who is SO passionate about healthy detoxification. She will leave us all informed and inspired to really start 2016 with a beautiful healthy BANG! This is not one to miss…

In more detail Lorna will be guiding us through understanding why healthy detoxification is a major part of keeping female hormones in check at all stages of life. She will also educate us on how the health of the gut, energy systems and stress from everyday life may contribute to commonly experienced menstrual cycle issues (regularity, pain, mood etc) or effect specific female conditions such as endometriosis.

She will also discuss how supporting these areas may help to recover your hormones after giving birth or as you transcend into peri-menopause and the menopause itself. Anyone considering or trying to get pregnant will benefit from this talk as hormone balance is key to healthy conception. Lorna will talk about diet and lifestyle changes as well as focusing on key Food-Grown nutrients and the value of using medicinal herbs and natural botanicals.

Lorna Driver-Davies assists Henrietta Norton (Technical Director and nutritional therapist) at Wild Nutrition, a supplement company based in Sussex. Henrietta Norton expertly formulates Food-Grown bespoke supplements for women, men and children – only made from real food and 100 % natural – they are free of synthetic nutrients, chemicals, fillers and binders. Read more about Wild Nutrition here –
Lorna has a special interest in female health and works with clients all over the world remotely, in her Brighton clinic and alongside Henrietta Norton at Grace Belgravia Medical Clinic in London –
You will receive information handouts, recipes and the opportunity to ask Lorna any questions.

The cost of Detox morning will be £30 (9am – 12pm). CLICK HERE to book your place.

Transform and shine, let’s make 2016 ROCK!