NIKI PERRY YOGA is so excited to announce this very special 200 hour Teacher Training Certification to be held in the Cowshed Yoga Studio, Chichester, England with Brooke Hamblet

Teaching yoga is a science and an art. Becoming a powerful yoga teacher requires mastery of technical aspects of teaching as well as an ability to connect energetically with oneself and with students.

NPY has partnered with one of the most qualified and inspiring teachers in the world today and is extremely excited about delivering a teacher training that is not only going to leave you set up and ready to lead but ready to inspire those around you.

Niki completed her 200 hour teacher training in Hawaii with Baron Baptiste over a decade ago. It was a completely life changing experience and since then she has gone on to train further with Baron in Mexico and the US and other senior Baptiste teachers at Lumi Yoga and The House of Yoga in London. She has opened her own yoga School ‘The Cowshed’ and teaches over 100 students each week, she has produced a series of Transform Now Yoga videos designed to inspire people to take up the practice of yoga and stick at it. Transform Now is the Number 1 Yoga DVD sold on Amazon and Sweaty Betty in support of the Africa Yoga Project. It has and continues to be a very exciting and life fulfilling journey. When Niki was training in Hawaii, assisting Baron was an incredible teacher, Brooke Hamblet. Niki connected and admired Brooke’s teaching and over the years has been a student of Brooke’s at further trainings. Brooke is a senior-level Baptiste Yoga instructor, and yoga educator for more than 20 years, she shares her inspirational teaching and impassioned love of community with students around the world. Brooke’s instruction, while dynamic and physically challenging, also provides a relatable and educational focus on sustainability, biomechanics, meditation, communication, and leadership. Brooke’s students benefit from a newfound appreciation of their own potential, and leave class inspired to create possibility elsewhere in their lives.

Niki Perry Yoga is a School dedicated to delivering the highest and inspiring level of teaching to the student and now yoga teachers. Niki is so passionate about yoga, it’s benefits and empowering others to fulfil their life’s potential that it is hugely important that the level of training NPY students receive is the best it can be.

Read on to see why Niki has partnered with Brooke.

Many journeys and teachers have contributed to Brooke’s evolution, but none as powerfully as her experiences with Baron Baptiste. After over a decade of study and training, Brooke now travels worldwide to facilitate programs and teacher trainings. Additionally, Brooke leads international workshops, programs and teacher trainings independently.

Indigo Yoga, founded as a solo enterprise in 2005, has grown from humble beginnings to support a staff of over 50 teachers and employees, and two locations, with more planned for the future. Brooke is also the Founder and Director of the Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training School, a Yoga Alliance-recognized 500-hour teacher certification program.

When not at home parenting and running businesses, Brooke presents at yoga conferences, including the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, CO, the YogaGames, and the Nordic Yoga Conference in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition to her on-hand work at Indigo Yoga, Brooke travels extensively to instruct, train, coach, and consult with teachers, students, and studio owners worldwide. She has become an impassioned business owner, and enjoys being an active participant of Entrepreneur’s Organization as well.

Brooke holds multiple yoga certifications at the 500-hour level. She considers anatomy, alignment, cadaver dissection, and subtle body energetics as her specialty topics, with whole-health discipline (food, sleep, community, mindfulness) as her latest endeavor, and has trained extensively with Ray Long, MD, Tias and Surya Little. Through years of education and daily interaction with hundreds of teachers and students, integrated with her various other fields of expertise, Brooke is developing cutting-edge curriculum on how the nervous, immune, sympathetic, and endocrine systems can be influenced and healed through the empowering practice of Baptiste Yoga and whole health disciplines. This new methodology will emphasize the impact of communication and touch on stress, and encourage a reevaluation of the assumptions and beliefs about pain experience.


2019 Spring 200 Hour Teacher Training Enrollment Is Open:


Our promise to you is personalized coaching, effective, detailed curriculum, and hands-on training that will leave you empowered as a teacher, leader and human being. If you do the work, you will be ready to teach upon your completion.

Whether you want to teach yoga or not – this program will be valuable to you as a practitioner, community member and person. We guarantee a lot of sweat, laughter and love.

Training Dates

  • 6th Feb – 13th Feb (X8 DAYS)
  • 26th April – 3rd May (X8 DAYS) Scheduling: 8am-6pm each day, some days may have a slightly modified schedule

Practice Teaching sessions

  • Tuesday 26th Feb
  • Tuesday 5th March
  • Thursday 7th March
  • Tuesday 12th March
  • Tuesday 19th March
  • Tuesday 26th March

Price is £3,100

Non Refundable Deposit is £500 to be paid at the time of application
The remainder is due by 6th December 2018

Course Breakdown

  • Module One: Personal Practice and Development
  • Module Two: Sequencing
  • Module Three: Anatomy and Alignment
  • Module Four: Assisting
  • Module Five: Live Coaching and Teaching

100 Hours Techniques, Training and Practice
20 Hours Teaching Methodology
20 Hours Anatomy & Physiology
20 Hours Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
20 Hours Practicum (Practice Teaching and Assisting)
20 Hours Elective and Non-Contact Research


Module 1: In this initial component of the 200 RYT training, you will learn about your own physical practice. This will include work through injuries and limitations, so that you may confidently model your practice as a leader and a teacher.

Module 2: The second module of the training focuses on the ‘why’ behind sequencing, and shows how to incorporate that knowledge into instruction. Throughout this module, you will gain tools for effective teaching, and will learn how to give and receive feedback. You will also have ample opportunity to practice-teach in a supportive, educational environment.

Module 3: This training is a deep dive into anatomy and how it pertains to alignment in yoga. This module utilizes scientific research to showcase the biomechanics of stretching and how it can be applied to students of all levels. Participants will also learn how to make yoga accessible to anyone, regardless of age, injury, or physical limitations.

Module 4: The fourth module teaches the methodology and key points of successful hands-on assisting. From experience assisting within the group, to assisting a live class, participants will gain the necessary tools to empower students through physical touch.

Module 5: The final module expands upon previous material and unifies it within a harmonious whole. Participants will review what they’ve learned in Modules One through Four, and will gain some final tools for successful, compelling teaching of that material in public forums. The intention of Module Five is to ensure that all participants in the NPY/BHTTS 200 RYT finish strong and confident. Participants will also have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in front of a live class. Participants must complete the other four modules before taking this particular module.

Completion Timeline:

100 Hours Techniques, Training and Practice
20 Hours Teaching Methodology
20 Hours Anatomy & Physiology
20 Hours Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
20 Hours Practicum (Practice Teaching and Assisting)
20 Hours Elective and Non-Contact Research

Program Details

Students must come fully prepared for the training. Students are asked to bring meals, extra clothing, and all that they need for the entire process, and to communicate clearly with their families that they will not be able to attend portions, arrive late, or leave early. So that means: have the groceries bought, the laundry done, and day bags packed!

In the off weeks, students will be expected to practice daily, in-studio, at least 3 times a week. Additionally, students will be expected to complete homework assignments.

There will be one full practice that the entire training group will attend each training day.


100% attendance is mandatory and necessary to complete the training and grant certification.

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All students must have been practising for at least 2 years before taking the course.

Useful documents:

Course Details
Code of Conduct
Refund Policy
Complaints Procedure
Terms and Conditions