The Transform Now yoga videos are designed to encourage you to make the most of this powerful gift that is yoga. Whether you are a complete beginner / intermediate or advanced yoga practitioner these 30 / 35 /45 /and 75 minute flows will be transformational for you. It doesn’t matter how fit, how old or how flexible you are. Whether you live in a flat, house or tent, all you need is a small space for a mat, and your decision to give it a go! There is no such thing as a yoga body, there is just your body, and that body is perfect for yoga. Doing these practices you will carve out a lean, strong, healthy and confident body. As your body changes shape, so will your mind. You’ll find you feel calmer, and more focused. Less busy in your brain and happier! Regular practice gives you a clear mind and the inspiration and courage to be constantly expanding and improving. You can then take these experiences with you, off your mat, and into your everyday life.

If at first you find the flows challenging please don’t give up. Yoga is a practice and it takes a bit of patience to see the changes in your body and mind. If you practice a minimum of three times a week you will see and feel transformation, hopefully this will inspire you to seek out yoga classes near to you, try different styles and connect within your community. The most important things to remember when you are practicing is to breathe, smile and enjoy your time on the mat!

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The 4 Power Vinyasa Flows taught by Niki are:

  1. 30 minute with beginner Michelle
  2. 35 minute Kate Winslet’s Power Flow with Niki
  3. 45 minute with George, Tamara and Niki
  4. 75 minute with the Tribe, Tim (beginner), George (intermediate), Tamara (advanced)
  5. Free bonus download - Breathing technique

£1 from the sale of this video is made to the Africa Yoga Project, which educates, empowers, elevates and expands employability with youth in Africa using the transformational practice of yoga.


  • Blast off! Wednesday 9th November 2016 was launch night for the Transform Now Yoga Videos at the health and wellness club Grace Belgravia in London. A fitting venue that embodies health, well being and lifestyle for women. Following a revitalising yoga class in the stunning atrium, cleansing cocktails and canapés followed. Niki spoke of her passion to inspire people to give yoga a go. Yoga really can help those suffering from back pain, insomnia, depression, obesity, anxiety and stress and even if none of these symptoms apply to you yoga will just make you feel your very best self. Full of vitality.

    Kate Winslet also spoke of her now love of yoga and the transformational benefits she has experienced through a regular practice. It went off with a bang and step one of Niki’s vision is well under way as people can easily practice yoga via the Transform Now DVD or download it wherever they are.